The Untold Story of How to Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada Through the Study Route Without Spending a Dime on an Agent

by Joshua Olutoke
Ikeja | July 31, 2023

In the past few weeks, I got series of questions from my friends and colleagues mainly on the topic of relocating to Canada such as 

"Is it still a great thing to relocate to Canada and become a Canadian permanent resident (PR)?"

"Is relocating to Canada worth all the hype?"

and so on...

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Well, here are my opinions on relocating to Canada and becoming a Canada PR. I will base my opinion on key points such as education, health, safety and security, economy and job security, racial tolerance in Canada.

1. Education System:

One of the key sectors Canada is globally respected for is her educational system. The  government of Canada ensures free education up to Grade 12 for all children (up till the age of 18 years) for permanent residents. Also, the tuition fees are well reduced for permanent residents when it comes to University education.

2. Health Sector:

The Canadian health sector is top rated in the world. This was once again proven to be true during the Covid - 19 pandemic. 

The Canadian government has a robust system of taking good care of the health of her citizens.

3. Safety and Security Network:

The security and safety networks of Canada have proven not be found wanting whenever the need arises. These continually help to reduce crime in the country and guarantee the safety of lives and properties.

4. Economy and Job Security:

Canada is a country that is currently in need of many skilled and unskilled labors (especially immigrants to improve their economy). This guarantees the job security of immigrants to a good extent. 

Also, the economic condition in Canada facilitates booming of businesses as there are many people ready to buy your products and pay for your services.

Job opportunities abound in the manufacturing, food, agriculture, retail, construction, education, health and technology sectors.

Even as a student, there are jobs that you can  do part time (or during holidays) to sustain yourself while you are still studying.

5. Zero Tolerance for Racism:

Ultimately, the Canadian government give no room for racial discrimination.

Canadians are known to be very welcoming, nice and friendly. 

Canada is highly multicultural thereby giving you access to meet people from different parts of the world.


Becoming a Canadian PR is actually worth it due to the benefits and much more for the sake of your unborn generations (they automatically become Canadian citizens once they are given birth to in Canada).

With these benefits of being a Canadian permanent resident, I trust you to make a well informed and sound decision which is to get started with your relocation plans to Canada.

Map of Canada Showing The Different Provinces

There are various ways to become a Canada Permanent Resident (PR).

Some of these include going through or Obtaining:

  • Going through the Live-in Caregiver program
  • Work permit with job offer
  • Express entry, provincial nominee program (PNP)
  • Study permit route

So, With All These Numerous Options, How Come a Lot of Africans Are Finding it Difficult to Relocate to Canada?

​​There are three main reasons for this:

(1) They don't know how to relocate to Canada and become a permanent resident.

(2) They know about it but lack adequate information to get started and succeed at it.

(3) They had wrong misconceptions and fears which were gotten from the stories of some people who have been duped by fake agents, visa denials etc.

But here is a good news for you, which is that you can actually relocate to Canada within a few months if you use a proven system.

Talking about a proven system, permit me to invite you to a Canada based Nigerian woman that is well known and respected for currently helping a lot of Nigerians and  Ghanaians to relocate to Canada via the study route without paying an agent and taking IELTS for the process.

Her name is Seyi Obasi

The study permit route has proven to be one of  the easiest and most accessible way to become a Canada PR in comparison to some of the other routes. 

The Study Route involves five simple steps:

STEP 1: Choose a school and program in a province that makes becoming a permanent resident easy after graduation

STEP 2: Apply to University/ college (depending on CGPA and other admission requirements)

STEP 3: Get offer and apply for a study visa

STEP 4: Arrive Canada to study/ get study permit

STEP 5: Graduate and apply for PR

Seyi Obasi has recorded a comprehensive webinar that teaches you how to relocate to Canada via the study route.

This Webinar Will Show You:

  • How you can get accommodation on getting to Canada at affordable rate.
  • How to get a well lucrative job in Canada as a student.
  • Also, you will be given an idea of how much you will be needing for you to make your relocation to Canada dream become a reality this year.

Click the button below to access the webinar.

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if what Seyi Obasi has to share with you in the webinar will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.

It has worked for a lot of people, so it will work for you. Moreover, its a FREE WEBINAR but  access to it can be taken away soon.

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